A reliable and personal hospitality resource.

Our private accommodations are all individuals' homes which are made available to tourists and business travelers. We work personally with each guest and each host to create trust and ensure the best possible experience.

From luxurious and spacious private lofts, to charming hosted guest rooms - for one to two guests, entire families or groups, we have something for everyone.

Providing vacation rental homes since 1996.


At Home US - World is a privately owned property rental company. 

We understand that selecting the right accommodation from the Internet can be challenging. We work hard to make our guests feel comfortable and confident with both the transaction and the accommodation they select and we work to make our hosts feel comfortable and confident with the guests to whom they offer their homes.


I found a legitimate listing that connected to a legitimate Web site, talked to a real live human being and wound up renting a cute one-bedroom with a loft for the kids on the Upper West Side, for a fair price. Charles, who runs AtHomeUs.com, had to talk me off the ceiling to convince me that the apartment was real. When he said he took credit card deposits, I breathed easier, but I truly didn’t believe it until we had the key in hand.
— By Brigid Schulte, Washington Post Staff Writer
We have rented apartments in NYC several times using AtHomeUs and have been very happy. We referred friends to this company and they were also very satisfied. The company promptly responds to queries and will give you a number of suggestions if you tell them what you are looking for. I will use them every time I go to New York.
— By Jane Copeland, The Sydney Morning Herald



I am an avid client of AtHomeUs and would like to comment on how wonderful they are to work with. I am the Director for a Not for Profit and have meetings in NYC from time to time. Being able to rent an apartment, over a hotel room has saved us a few thousand dollars this year alone. The units I have stayed in are always clean, and convenient to my desired location. It is clear that AtHomeUs is providng a great service. As a consumer, I think you will have to be flexible with unit configuration, as some are studios, one, two and even three bedrooms. They are not hotel rooms and the renter should not assume they will be. They are homes, in great neighborhoods and are offered at great rates! Rent with confidence!
— D.B., Boston, MA, U.S.A.